How did you get involved with Neighbors Together?

I am passionate about addressing the dire poverty which exists only a few miles from some of the wealthiest communities in New York and knew I wanted to do something about it. Since I work in the human services field, I felt that service on a board would be the best use of my volunteer time. A friend who was serving as a consultant at the time told me about this very special place called Neighbors Together in Bed-Stuy/Brownsville that not only provides sustenance to the most vulnerable in the form of nourishing meals and supportive services, but that also empowers its member by educating and engaging them in advocating for poverty-fighting policies. That is what sets Neighbors Together apart from all other soup kitchens. So I knew immediately I wanted to play a part in that amazing work.

What do you love about being part of Neighbors Together?

The Neighbors Together Community Cafe is a warm and welcoming space that is in its own way a small community center. And I love that when someone in need walks through that door, they are able receive whatever help they need in a beautiful and dignifying environment, and are served by deeply caring and dedicated staff. I’m sure it is a very humanizing experience for people who may have lost their dignity along the road of a difficult life. I think it’s a beautiful thing. And Neighbors Together has no shortage of extraordinary staff members who are dedicated to their core in helping their members.

Do you love Neighbors Together?

You can help by spreading the word, supporting us through donations, or volunteering.

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