Over a year ago, when the world shut down and so many people stayed home, homeless New Yorkers did not have that option.

At Neighbors Together, our doors have remained open, and over the past year we have been here, serving hundreds of meals daily, offering social services, and organizing for policy changes to protect our most vulnerable neighbors. We have seen the rise in hunger first-hand as new people are turning to us for help for the first time.

This year, we are still here, and we need your help. Join us as we raise funds to support our meals and services so we can continue to help our community recover from this pandemic.

Our goal is to raise $125,000 by the end of summer, and we know we can do it with your help!

Since May, we’ve raised:

Thanks to our 75 amazing donors:



Brandon Chivers$25.64



Rebecca Fleischmann$102.56

Meghan Hungate$512.82

Jason Parkin$102.56

Jonathan Taylor$102.56

Patty Foster$102.56


Kathleen Pequeno$180

Corinna Andiel$205.12

Anna Schumacher$102.56

Mariko Hirose$256.41

Barbara Seril$256.41

David Schleifer$256.41

Lillian Graziano$1025.64

Isabelle Leighton$102.56

Jonathan Goldberg$256.41

Christie and Joe Marchese$512.82

Anoosh Tertzakian$51.28

Lee Carluccio$102.56

Owen Davies$256.41

Jack Lechner$51.28


Perri Peltz$102.56

Beth McElveen$102.56

Jennifer Scully$51.28

Daniel Bellone$102.56

Lindy Jankura$102.56

Javier Botero$153.84


Michael Owen$512.82

Emma Fidel$51.28

Adam Bolt$102.56

Alexander Keipper$102.56


Andrew Cunningham$512.82

Rebeca Ames$30

Lisa Polak$41.02

Amelia Felbinger$40

Alexandra Kalmanofsky$51.28

Sheila Garson$51.28

Jeffrey Levine$102.56

Anna Kadysheva$51.28

Juliana Sasaki$102.56

Vincent Miccio$51.28

Sebastian Krueger$41.02


Sonia Lin$102.56

Lauren Benkov$25.64

Mariko Hirose$512.82

Kate Ruber$102.56

Cameron Amstater$102.56

Rachel Levi$1025.64

Sam Levenstein$102.56

Jennifer Nelson$256.41

Sandra L Delaney$102.56

Katherine Rollins$102.56

Sarah Lybrand$20.51

Karen Law$51.28

Constance Costas$51.28

Aly Jean-Louis$102.56

Maria Gambale$51.28

Anonymous Donor$2501

Anonymous Donor Match$12500

Benchmark Title Agency$2500

Joseph Duminuco$3000

David Schleifer$51.28

Ed Fowler$1025.64


Jeanne Alter$51.28

Brookfield Properties$5000

Benchmark Title Co$2500

Rashida Richardson$102.56