Our Empowerment Program connects our members to important resources such as housing, public benefits, job training, health and mental health care, legal services, income tax filing, and other resources needed by our members.

One of the biggest hurdles our members face is housing. Our Supportive Housing Specialist, Mike Amory helps our members navigate the overwhelming housing network in New York City.

Since January Mike has completed 8 2010E Supportive Housing applications for our members. Since the renovations, members have been coming back to Neighbors Together in large numbers to speak to Mike about their housing needs. Due to the incredible amounts of Supportive Housing applications, and needs, Neighbors Together only offers a select amount of applicants and waiting list applicants to ensure we can place more members efficiently.

Mike has helped to place seven (7) members in supportive housing units in Urban Pathways, Concern For Independent Living, and WESTHAB. A huge victory for those members, and for our Empowerment Program.

Our AVODAH Member Advocate Madeleine Kornfield joined us last summer, and has been working regularly within the Empowerment Program to serve members who have needs outside of supportive housing. Maddie helped our members with tax preparation, she successfully completed a social security application, and she holds weekly membership meetings focused on art and culture as a way for our members to relax and discuss their interests.

Among our members that come to Neighbors Together, two hundred and forty for unique individuals have received services from our Empowerment Program. Due to the rising need of social services at Neighbors Together, we look forward to adding more staff to help our members with the challenges they are facing in their daily lives.