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The 10,000 low-income men, women and children who come to Neighbors Together for support each year are often dismissed by society at large as “homeless” or “welfare mother” or “drug addict.” At Neighbors Together we see the human faces behind these labels. Many of our members have fallen on sudden hard times: senior citizens who have worked their whole lives but now must scrape by on insufficient Social Security checks, working people who are unable to make ends meet amid the rising cost of living, people who have recently lost jobs, victims of domestic violence. Others have been struggling with poverty all their lives.

Neighbors Together’s mission of not just fighting but ending hunger and poverty is deeply grounded in our belief in the dignity and potential of each person to be a vital part of creating a better society, no matter how desperate their circumstances.

With basic support and encouragement, we have seen that people can stabilize their lives and work together to improve the community. We view our neighbors as a crucial part of the solution in our work to end hunger and poverty.

By both using and running our programs, our members meet their immediate needs, create long-term solutions, and inspire action in the face of indifference.

We invite all who come seeking solutions to difficulties they face to be members of Neighbors Together: a group working to empower people toward positive and lasting change.

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