Empowerment Program

Our Empowerment Program:

  • Helped over 600 people this year.
  • Provided housing advocacy services to 320 people this year.
  • Helped 23 people, including a family of 4, secure permanent Supportive Housing this year.
  • Helped 72 members access mental health care services.
  • Provided income tax services to 84 people, helping to bring much needed dollars back into the local economy.
  • Connected over 100 people to legal services around housing and public benefits.
  • Neighbors Together serves as a primary mailing address for over 125 men and women who do not have stable housing options.






Our Empowerment Program connects our members to important resources such as housing, public benefits, job training, health and mental health care, legal services, income tax filing, and other resources needed by our members.

Our work is grounded in a strengths-based, goal-oriented approach to advocacy and case management. We build on the inherent strengths of our members, encouraging them to advocate for themselves in order to manage, and ultimately avoid, crisis situations.

Our staff offers personalized support to those who struggle with persistent barriers to stability, such as mental illness, addiction or chronic unemployment, with a focus on long-term planning toward increased stability.

We offer regular on-site clinics to provide specialized support to our members. Please call 718.498.7256 for more information or to schedule an appointment:

Janian Medical Care, Project for Psychiatric Outreach to the Homeless

Our on-site psychiatrist provides psychiatric evaluations for supportive housing and SSI/SSD applications, as well as ongoing therapeutic services.

MFY Legal Services

  • Housing Clinic: MFY attorneys specialize in 3/4 housing tenant rights as well as eviction prevention and other landlord/tenant issues.
  • Government Benefits Clinic: MFY attorneys offer assistance with legal issues pertaining to public benefits such as SSI/SSD, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps), and Medicaid/Medicare.

Affinity Health, Medicaid and Medicare Services

A Medicaid/Medicare Representative is available to answer general questions and provide enrollment assistance into health insurance programs.

Housing Works, East New York Community Health Center

East New York Community Health Center’s mobile medical clinic visits Neighbors Together monthly to provide health care services and screenings.