How did you get involved with Neighbors Together?

I have been involved with Neighbors Together, on and off, for about eight years. I was introduced to the organization by a co-worker. Through Neighbors Together, I have learned a lot – both anecdotally and statistically – about the individuals the organization serves. It is startling to me that in a city that is as wealthy as NYC, and in Brooklyn, where so much gentrification has taken place over the past decade, so many people are at risk of hunger. The saddest part is that the most vulnerable are children and the elderly. I am proud to be a part of an organization that strives to address this issue by empowering people so that they are able to make their lives better.

What do you love about being part of Neighbors Together?

I love the people that are affiliated with Neighbors Together – both the staff and the Board. They are an impressive group with an unflagging commitment to the organization and its mission. Many of us have been working together, in some capacity, for years. When I first joined the Neighbors Together Board, the organization was small and, candidly, struggling; it has been amazing to watch the organizational transformation that has taken place, in large part, because of the dedication of a few key people, including Executive Director Denny Marsh.

Do you love Neighbors Together?

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